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Jam - Well of love x Redcurrants, raspberries and violets

Jam - Well of love x Redcurrants, raspberries and violets

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**Travel in Time with the Jam "Well of Love x Red Currants, Raspberry and Violets"**

La Confiture Parisienne and Antoinette Poisson have joined forces to create a jam that tells a story of love and flavors. Be transported to a bygone era when sweet treats were gifts of affection, and discover the secret to a reinvented royal dessert.

**A Story of Love and Flavors:**

Imagine yourself at the time of Louis XV, where the king ordered the most exquisite dessert, the "Puits d'Amour", for his favorite, Antoinette Poisson. It was a cake with an exceptional jam in the heart. This secret has been lost over time, but thanks to Confiture Parisienne, this wonderful recipe has been rediscovered and revives today's taste buds.

**Rediscover a Forgotten Flavor:**

The "Puits d'Amour x Red Currants, Raspberry and Violets" Jam is a tribute to this gourmet love story. Each jar is a link between past and present, with an enchanting combination of red currants, raspberries and violets. These authentic flavors transport your taste buds on a memorable taste journey.

**A Gourmet Balance:**

With 57% total sugar content, this jam maintains the delicate balance between sweetness and acidity. Prepared with 60 g of fruit for 40 g of unrefined cane sugar, it offers a balanced tasting experience for palates in search of authentic delights.

**Endless Gourmet Possibilities:**

This versatile jam can be enjoyed in many different ways. Spread it on toast for a sweet breakfast twist, add it to pancakes or brioche for a decadent experience, or pair it with cottage cheese for a surprising harmony of flavors.

**A Culinary Renaissance:**

The "Puits d'Amour x Redcurrant, Raspberry and Violet" Jam, presented in a 250g jar, captures the spirit of love and culinary creativity. Rediscover the past through the authentic taste of this jam, and let yourself be inspired by a love story that transcends eras and awakens your taste buds.

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