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Bougie Harry Potter Gryffindor / Gryffondor

Bougie Harry Potter Gryffindor / Gryffondor

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Your Harry Potter X Short Story collectible candle is now available in our shop.

Scent of Smoked Wood and Cinnamon Fruits

Find yourself nostalgically reminiscing about the roaring fire of warm Gryffindor tower with this deep blend of spiced fruit and citrus zest, combined with the intriguing note of vanilla and smoky cedar. Ignite your house pride with the wonderful scent of the Harry Potter x Short Story Gryffindor Candle. Each color-changing candle is lovingly handcrafted with crystals, gemstones and real flowers, and infused with the finest aromas to create a truly enchanting aromatic experience. Return to Hogwarts and prepare to embark on your next enchanted adventure with the magic of your very own Hogwarts house.

HOGWARTS HOUSE & PETER: "Where the bravest dwell." Brave and bold, Gryffindors never back down from a challenge. Always determined and spunky, let this pillar of watermelon tourmaline bring renewal and joy as you embark on your next great endeavor.

Head: Apple, berry, peach, lemon zest
Heart: Cinnamon, clove, smoked wood
Base: Vanilla, smoked cedar, musk

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this special edition candle. Rediscover the magic of the Harry Potter universe with this exceptional candle!
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