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Disney Floral Bouquet Diffuser Villains

Disney Floral Bouquet Diffuser Villains

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Embodying deep notes of black rose, plum and amber, layered with the charming essence of vanilla and a wisp of fresh berries, the Villain's floral bouquet is a charismatic and indulgent spell to any room.

Bewitch your world, unveil magic and indulge your room in the spellbinding aromas of a Disney x Short Story perfumed floral bouquet diffuser.

Each bouquet is arranged with gorgeous handmade roses and set in a gel infused with a fine fragrance. All floral bouquet diffusers is accompanied with a fragrance spray and a gorgeous box for a beautiful sensory experience.

Be charmed, awaken nostalgia and cast your spell with your favorite and charismatic Disney Villain.

Top: Mandarin, Lyche

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