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Jam - Raspberry/Apricot/Anise

Jam - Raspberry/Apricot/Anise

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**Discover a Tourbillon of Flavours: Raspberry Apricot Anise Jam**

Raspberry Apricot Anise Jam is much more than a simple jam, it's a taste adventure that takes you on an unexpected sensory journey. Let yourself be guided by Marcel, the culinary expert, and embark on a unique taste experience that defies expectations and stimulates the senses.

**A Gustatory Mystery to Discover:**

Dive into the unknown with Raspberry Apricot Anise Jam, a culinary creation that will make you wonder if it's raspberry or apricot dancing on your palate. Marcel, armed with a madeleine and a cup of tea, invites you to explore the delicious and indefinable nuances of this extraordinary jam.

**The Harmony of Selected Ingredients:**

This jam is a masterful composition of authentic aromas. Roussillon apricots and Willamette raspberries come together to create a symphony of flavors, while star anise adds an intriguing note and lemon a refreshing touch to this bold balance.

**Revelation of Balanced Taste:**

With 57% total sugar content, this jam retains the natural sweetness of its ingredients. Prepared with 60 g of fruit for 40 g of unrefined cane sugar, it offers a balanced flavor experience that appeals to palates looking for a taste adventure.

**A Versatile Experience:**

Savor Raspberry Apricot Anise Jam in different ways. Spread it on your morning toast for a sweet wake-up call, add it to pancakes for a sweet and spicy kick, or pair it with cottage cheese for an unexpected burst of flavor.

**The Enigma of Star Anise:**

As one writer would have pointed out, the “problem in your mind” is the presence of star anise. This distinctive note adds a touch of complexity to the jam, creating a perfect balance between sweet, tart and spicy elements.

**An Invitation to the Tasting:**

Raspberry Apricot Anise Jam, available in a 250g jar, is an invitation to a culinary adventure. Let yourself be seduced by the unexpected, immerse yourself in a taste experience that surprises and delights your senses. Explore the aromas and flavors that blend together seamlessly in each jar, and find out why tasting can be both “unfair” and delicious.

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