EU shipping

Method of calculating customs fees:
(Customs fee values ​​may change depending on the commodity)

Prices are exclusive of tax. You will be contacted by the carrier for the payment of taxes + VAT.

Example :
Country of Origin Base Clearance Price
Zone Neighboring countries: Germany, France, Italy and Austria 11.50 CHF
World Zone: Other countries 16.00 CHF

All prices are in CHF, excluding VAT.

In addition, we collect:
- A surcharge on the value of the goods of 3%
- VAT based on the value of the goods
- The maximum customs clearance price is CHF 70.

For a purchase in France of a value of 70 CHF with 20% VAT (14 Euros):
Calculation = 70 euros HT (Price paid on purchase)
Upon receipt = 11.50 euros customs fees + 20% VAT (14 Euros) = 25.50 Euros.

Shipping conditions to European Union countries:

E-commerce in the EU:

Right of revocation: The customer can return a product within 14 days of receipt (at his expense).

Conditions of payment, delivery and services, and delivery time: Possible duration of the contract and terms of termination. The corresponding information must be indicated. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery time is a maximum of 30 days.

Clear information: In addition to the contact details of the seller, the main characteristics of the product or service should be indicated. It is also necessary to mention the total price, all taxes and royalties included. It is advisable to indicate the costs which cannot be calculated in advance and to specify the method of calculation of the prices.

Guarantee (household products): The legal guarantee is for a minimum of two years. During this period, the consumer may request the repair or replacement of the defective product. If he does not obtain the expected result, termination of the contract or reimbursement of the loss is in principle possible.

CG (consult the general CG): The consumer must be able to consult and save the CG when concluding the contract.

Order button: The button used to place an order must include the expression "order with payment obligation" or another explicit designation.